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Privacy declaration


This privacy statement applies to all products and services provided by Oosterom Events.

Oosterom Events, with its registered office at G.J. Wiefferingdreef 27, 1383 CB Weesp, the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of personal data as mentioned in this privacy statement. Your privacy is important to Oosterom Events. For this reason, Oosterom Events describes in this regulation how it handles your data, what the purpose is of its use, and for which data Oosterom Events must explicitly request your consent before processing.

Oosterom Events may not process the information submitted by you without restrictions. Privacy legislation is meant to protect the privacy of individuals. Because of this legislation, the legal use of personal information by others is limited.

Personal data we process 

Oosterom Events processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you have provided it to us. Oosterom Events (possibly) processes your personal data if you:

  • are or become a customer of Oosterom Events
  • are a business relation of Oosterom Events
  • visit the website
  • sign up for optional newsletters and promotional e-mailings

Oosterom Events collects or may collect data from you if you are in a business relationship with Oosterom Events and if these data are necessary with regard to the objectives as described under ‘Why we need data’. Data may include:

  • Initials, first name, and surname
  • Gender
  • Company name
  • Address details (consisting of a street name, house number, and ZIP code)
  • Telephone number (mobile or fixed line)
  • E-mail address 
  • Bank details if you are a customer of Oosterom Events


Does Oosterom Events also process special personal data?

Special personal data concerns sensitive data, for example about your health or a criminal record, ethnical data, or data concerning race. Oosterom Events does not process special personal data.

Why we need data

Oosterom Events collects the above-mentioned data for the following objectives:

  • to be able to administer them, if we are legally obliged thereto, like data we need for our tax declaration
  • to financially and administratively finalize the agreement that clients have with Oosterom Events
  • to be able to provide the requested service(s)
  • to be able to reach clients and business relations if the performance of our services requires it 
  • to further develop or optimize our service(s)
  • to offer tailor-made information (direct marketing)

We can solely use your data for any other objective than originally intended if both objectives are closely related. 

Which rules apply to the processing of personal data?

Oosterom Events processes your personal data exclusively in accordance with the law. This includes (inter alia) that the data is processed only for the purpose for which they are received and in a proper/careful manner according to the law and this regulation.

Provision of data to third parties
Oosterom Events does not provide personal data to third parties, unless

  • it is required by law 
  • it is required in order to execute an agreement that Oosterom Events has with you

We enter into agreements with processing agents to ensure a similar level of security and confidentiality of your data. 


Oosterom Events only uses technical and functional cookies. A cookie is a tiny text file that is saved on your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you visit our website for the first time. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical processing of the websites and for your ease of use. They ensure that the website functions properly and remembers your configuration preferences. You are able to deregister cookies by configuring your internet browser in such a way that cookies are no longer saved. In addition, you can delete all information that was earlier saved by changing your browser settings. 

Confidentiality / Security

Oosterom Events has installed fitting technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data and protect it against loss, change, abuse, or any (other) form of wrongful processing. The security consists of the following:

  • Each person working for Oosterom Events will have a personal password to log into the digital system;
  • Each person who has access to personal data at Oosterom Events and/or processes it is obliged to non-disclosure of this data, in as far as applicable laws and legislation do not stipulate differently;
  • In case Oosterom Events uses third parties, Oosterom Events will set up agreements in relation to the necessary security measures within the scope of the protection of personal data;
  • Oosterom Events has taken technical measures, in accordance with the law, in order to protect the system used against infringement from outside.

How long do we save data?

Oosterom Events will keep your data no longer than is strictly necessary for a complete and correct administration and/or other established objectives. 

For financial data Oosterom Events applies the period required by the tax administration, being seven years after the last service provided, after which the information is destroyed. The law may provide for another storage period. If so, Oosterom Events will comply with the legal requirements.


Your rights with regard to privacy 

You have the following rights:

  • The right to information. You have the right to know if and which personal data is being processed and for what purpose.
  • Inspection right. You have the right to inspect data or receive copies of data insofar as the privacy of another person is not affected.
  • The right of correction and removal. You have the right to correct, adjust or remove data. The right of (partial) removal of your data can only be accommodated if the retention of data is not of significant importance to another person and if the data cannot be retained based on a legal regulation.
  • The right of opposition. In certain cases, you have the right to oppose the processing of your data.
  • The right to data portability. You have the right to receive the personal data held about you, and to transfer the data to another organization.
  • The right to a human view of automated decisions. In the case of an automated decision, you have the right to have the decision made by a person.

When you request a viewing, correction, placement or deletion of your personal data, please send a request by e-mail to You will be notified by Oosterom Events within fourteen working days of receipt of your request. 

If your request is rejected, it will be substantiated. One reason may be that your file contains information that is or may be important to others. You will be notified by Oosterom Events within one month of receipt of your request.

If you have a complaint about the way in which your personal data is processed, you can

contact Oosterom Events. Together with you, Oosterom Events will try to find an adequate solution.

If you have an additional comment, question, or suggestion, or if you would like to object to direct marketing / receiving a newsletter by Oosterom Events, then please also contact Oosterom Events via Oosterom Events will handle the personal data, provided in this context, confidentially.